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RGB LED Music Controller


Ÿ   Controlled by radio-frequency capacitive touch, effective control  distance up to 20 m

Ÿ   Used convenient at night with LED backlight

Ÿ   With 3.5MM audio,non-interfered music mode works better.

Ÿ   Color changing is more exquisite with PWM.

Ÿ   With Dual channel output,  the maximum power is 432W

Ÿ   Easier to white mode with intelligent switch.

Ÿ   20 classic modes changing follow your heart.

Ÿ   15 music modes make every moment rhythmical

Ÿ   Available for all sorts of constant voltage RGB lampssuch as RGB stripsoft stripRGB panel lightsRGB light modules etc.

Ÿ   Remote with special fixed seatconvenient for users



Ÿ   Input VoltageDC12V~24V

Ÿ   Output power Max 18A

Ÿ   Volume control: 70dB

Ÿ   Remote battery: AAA *2

Ÿ   Remote standby power consumption0.08mW

Ÿ   Remote operating power consumption20mW



     Interior Decorationclub, bar, corridor, room, hotel, museum, etc.

     Exterior Decorationplaza, commercial buildings, parks, scenic spot, evening location, etc


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